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Strategically Look Towards the Future

Utilize a data ingestion solution that provides end users with more real-time data and actionable intel that is automatically populated.


Transform Your Government Contracting Strategy to Grow Your Business
TechnoMile's Analytics provides automation which strategically organizes all data around an opportunity for all users involved in the capture process. By integrating with federal data sources such as FPDS, FBO, SAM, and EDGAR, you will have access to more datasets. Analytics organizes all federal source data into one platform for easier decision making and working with more accurate data. Analytics centralizes opportunities and intelligence so you can streamline data analysis. With Analytics, you'll have the most organized data as you simplify Contracts you should target, along with vendors to partner with, Centralize all types of data, including partners & competitors, B&P forecasting, and opportunity data, and exact federal data sources.

A Competitve Edge

Gain more actionable intelligence to increase your chances of winning an opportunity by working with the most up-to-date data.

Centralized Data

Keep track of all the data in your pipeline, stay on top of multiple opportunities, and efficiently collaborate on team decisions with with all of your data in one centralized place.

Advanced Tracking

Further expedite the capture management process with FedAnalytics brings B&P data. Make better decisions during the capture process to go after opportunities, and identify partnerships.

Discover New Task Orders with Ease

Simplify tasks with ingestion, triaging, and partner development, and has automatic notifications on task order updates.


Improve focus and awareness to discover new task orders with Advanced Automation
Partnering is time consuming and takes constant manual engagement and tracking. The TechnoMile Partner Portal aims to change that, through automation. It makes engagement and collaboration easy and fast, weather it be gathering qualification and level of interest or winning your next opportunity. Unlike other vendors’ offerings, it supports engaging with partners across all phases of the proposal process including pre-bid decision work and in the proposal response. Using the Technomile Partner Portal you will achieve a rich interactive relationship that provides value for the prime and partner.

Improved Collaboration

Centralizing communication on topics such as accounts, opportunities, and documents in one place helps avoid wasted time that occurs during email, improving the partner sales cycle.

Measuring KPIs

Measure metrics such as performance, partner engagement, pipeline, and sales. Tracking these metrics will improve the partner relationships and program. These can be used to help you improve and determine your overall partner strategy.

Building Loyalty

Channel partners will have access to everything they need 24/7. You are eliminating the burden of making your partners contact you and having to wait for a response. By making your channel partners life easier, it increases their loyalty to you and improves the partner relationship.

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